Quintillion Networks

Corporate Profile

Quintillion is a private operator headquartered in Anchorage Alaska. Quintillion is majority funded by Cooper Investment Partners, a U.S. private investment firm, and is managed by founding partner Elizabeth Pierce. Pierce has more than 35 years’ experience in technical operations in the Arctic and telecommunications. Pierce founded Quintillion with a select group of partners from the telecommunications and finance industries with the goal of bringing fiber optic cable to Alaska’s most rural and underserved communities. Under Pierce’s leadership, Quintillion’s northern route will provide a solution to the global demand for redundancy and diverse fiber optic cable routes.

Matt Peterson, Vice President of Network Management is a +20-year veteran in telecommunications and Alaska operations. Matt’s career includes a leadership role with one of Alaska’s largest telecommunications companies, and critical network planning and systems engineering in the defense and space industry.

Sharon Hubbs is Vice President of Market Development and has more than 25 years’ experience in business administration, telecommunications, accounting, and information technology/computer science.

Erin Sedor is Vice President of Business Operations. Erin has more than 20 years’ experience as a paralegal, risk manager and executive officer supporting private, public and native-owned companies, including 10 years’ experience in telecommunications.

Kristina Woolston, Vice President of External Affairs, is an Alaska Native shareholder and a leader in the fields of government and community relations, with nearly 20 years’ experience in Alaska Native Corporation management, Washington DC advocacy, international resource development, and international trade.