Quintillion Networks

Global Communications: Fast, Reliable, Secure

Quintillion Networks is an Alaska-based telecommunications company that has acquired exclusive access rights for services to Alaska from the new Arctic Fibre (AFI) international fiber optic subsea cable system. Quintillion will operate as a middle-mile carrier, selling capacity and offering access to all other carriers, telecom integrators and aggregators. After construction in 2015, service is anticipated to commence in early 2016.

Quintillion’s Alaska project will build spurs to northern and northwestern communities from the AFI backbone, thus providing global broadband access at virtually unlimited speed. Linking from Prudhoe Bay through Fairbanks south, and from the AFI cable through Montreal, Quintillion will establish redundant routes for national and international carriers. The synergy of international and domestic traffic makes the entire network viable. The opportunity to interconnect to the AFI subsea backbone reduces Alaska construction costs resulting in affordable communications.