Quintillion Networks

Global Communications: Fast, Reliable, Secure

Quintillion is a private operator which contracts to sell capacity on its network on a wholesale basis. Quintillion’s system will provide access for telecommunication service providers in the Arctic at lower cost with substantially improved quality of service than existing satellite and microwave technology.

Headquartered in Anchorage, Alaska, Quintillion, is currently constructing Phase 1 of a planned multi-phase subsea and terrestrial fiber optic cable network that will connect communities across the North American Arctic to the world wide web. The system will connect initially through existing fiber to the US Pacific Northwest.

The Quintillion network will have substantial beneficial effects on the quality and cost of communication services significantly improving the quality of life for people living and working in the Arctic. In subsequent phases of the project, Quintillion plans to extend the system internationally to Asia and Europe offering increased hi-speed capacity, lower latency and reduced risk of service interruption from subsea seismic risks and cable breaks currently affecting business overseas.

Construction is underway to complete the Phase 1 in Alaska, including installation of a subsea fiber optic cable from Prudhoe Bay to Nome with spurs to Barrow, Wainwright, Pt. Hope, and Kotzebue. At Prudhoe Bay the system will connect with a new fiber optic cable system extending to Fairbanks, Alaska and then onto existing fiber systems to Anchorage, Alaska and the Pacific Northwest.

Click here to see maps of the cable route and a breakdown of the project by phase.